I have always had a great love for being creative. So in 2015 stumbled across the art of metalsmith jewelry and immediately fell in love. I studied it and practiced with anything I could find, eventually getting to play with real tools, precious metals and gemstones. I educated myself with a lot of online courses, and going to the university to really fine tune my work. Needless to say the love is still there and continues to grow. After making my Etsy shop and selling on there for a year, I decided to establish the name Raquel Rosalie in 2017. Most people assume that is my name and they’re not totally wrong. Raquel is my first name but Rosalie is a name passed down from a lady I hold dear in my heart, my Oma. I wanted her memory to live on and to be apart of something I cherish. 
All of the silver is sterling .925 & all of the gold is 14K solid Gold, 10K solid gold, & 14k Gold filled. They are extremely long lasting and will never change colour. Yes you can wear them swimming, showering, etc and they will stay true. If you have any inquiries about custom work I love making your visions come to life! Just send me and e-mail and I’d love to work with you. I hope you love and cherish each RR piece you own as it is carefully curated by myself and I hope you see the love and passion that goes into each piece. Im honoured to be a part of creating a piece that helps to carry loved ones and memories close.
Xx Raquel