Caring for your jewelry

10kt/14kt Solid Gold

10kt and 14kt gold is a solid metal but still delicate in nature. While this material can last a lifetime, gold does require gentle care and occasional polishing. We do not recommend any chemical solutions when cleaning your jewelry.

14K Gold Filled

Gold Filled is made up from no less than 5 microns of solid gold bonded with heat and pressure to a base metal to create gold filled. True gold filled is never plated and it always at minimum 1/20 solid gold. We take pride in only carrying the highest quality, true gold filled pieces. Gold filled is an extremely durable metal. It is safe in water and can be kept on for long lasting wear and will not tarnish. However, Gold is a soft metal so you must be gentle with your pieces. Practicing gentle wear and keeping your gold filled away from harsh chemicals will keep your jewelry looking shiny and fresh. Excessive ware in concentrated areas will take off the thick gold layer eventually exposing the centre core metal. So to avoid this, take off your pieces while doing activates that could be causing this damage. To completely avoid this from happening, purchase pieces that are solid gold. Use one of our polishing cloths every so often to bring back its fresh new luster.

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is a solid metal so it requires minimal care. It may darken over time but you can easily polish your pieces back to new. Use a soft cloth or one of our polishing cloths on your jewelry to achieve that mirror finish. We do not recommend any chemical solutions when cleaning your jewelry. When not being worn, store your sterling silver in an airtight container or bag to prevent tarnishing.


Our pieces use genuine gemstones not lab created. As some gemstone can be a softer stone, take extra care of that pieces and they can be more easily damaged.

*** Please avoid chemical solutions, perfumes, excessive sweat, ocean water and pool water. Salt water and chlorine can damage your jewelry. Chlorine can damage and discolor metals that are alloyed with the gold and can slowly erode the finish and polish of gemstones.Also, lotions and sprays create a film on the jewelry, making it dull and dingy. To keep any tarnish or wear from setting in, take a soft, damp cleaning cloth and gently wipe off the surfaces of the jewelry, being sure to get in all the nooks and crannies. Keep jewelry dry. Moisture is the main factor that speeds up the tarnishing process. Store different types of jewelry separately. We recommend using a Ziploc or sandwich bag with the air squeezed out to prevent oxidization.***