Lux Permanent bracelets are bracelets that are custom fit to your wrist and welded directly on with a small jump ring.  No clasp required! We offer a large variety of chains in 10K Solid Gold, 14K Gold Filled, and Sterling Silver. As well as, charms and links to further customize your preferred style.
Our Lux Permanent Jewelry is a service we offer in person only at our Storefront, Markets, Pop-ups and private events with the use of a Pulse Arc Welder. 

To book an appointment for our permanent bracelets call #236-804-2013 

LUX WARRENTY: All of the permanent Lux Bracelets come with a 6 month Warranty. Within the first month of receiving your Lux Permanent Bracelet, Any repairs or replacements required due to manufacturers defects are free of charge. Any damages that occur outside of the 1 month warranty we can offer you a replacement chain at a 50% discount up to the 6 months. This service will be available at our next schedule pop up, market, or event. Please email us at as soon as damage has occurred.

Each Lux Bracelet is custom fit for the client, therefore we are unable to accept returns or exchanges.


Lux Price Sheet

Solid Gold

Buckle Chain 10K ————— $135.00

Singapore Chain 10K ———- $140.00

Pebble Chain 10K ————— $175.00

Drawn Chain 10K ————— $180.00

Curb Chain 10K ——————$190.00

Figaro Chain 10K ————— $205.00


14K Gold Filled

Ripple Chain ——————— $65.00

Dainty Figaro Chain ———— $70.00

Bowen Chain ——————— $70.00

Pebble Chain ——————— $75.00

Ivy Chain ————————— $75.00

Drawn Chain ———————- $80.00

Curb Chain ———————— $85.00

Box Chain ————————- $105.00


Sterling Silver

Ripple Chain ——————— $55.00

Bowen Chain ——————— $60.00

Pebble Chain ——————— $65.00

Drawn Chain ———————- $70.00

Curb Chain ———————— $75.00

Box Chain ————————- $95.00



14K Gold Filled and Sterling Silver add $20.00 (+tax)

10K Solid Gold add $40.00 (+tax)