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Raquel Rosalie Perfume!!

Each scent was carefully curated by Raquel herself. There are 3 custom scents to suit your own indiviuality. 

LOVESOME- Warm, cozy and fresh, a scent filled with Top: Plum & Cinnamon, Middle: Leather Accord & Violet, Bottom: Birchwoods, Patchouli, Vanilla. 

COOL GIRL- Mature yet cool, a scent filed Top: Musky Ambrette & Jamacian Nesberry. Middle: Powdery violet blended with sandalwood. Bottom: Amber, Cedarwood & Chantilly Musk

GREIGE- A fresh masculine scent full of Top: Bergamot, Orange, green Apple. Middle Lemon Peel, Jasmine, Mahogany. Bottom: White Santal, Amber, Musk 

The perfect size to have tucked in your purse or pocket for use when your on the go! With 10ml of scent, these little oil based scent rollers will last you months.  

Due to sanitary reasons we do not accept returns of this product


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