Birthflower Necklace


material: 14k gold filled. No plating.

chain: 16,18, or 20in rounded cable chain 

texture: smooth, hand stamped

pendant: 1/2in OR 9mm discs 

sizing: for more information on our chain lengths, see our size guide


Give the perfect gift of a birth flower necklace. Did you know, similar to birthstones, each month has a designated flower known as your Birthflower.

Each and every flower was designed by Raquel. She then took her designs to a local artist who perfected them. Once the final artwork was done, the art was sent down to Germany to be hand lathed into specific metal stamps. Each flower is hand stamped onto the disc of your choice. 


  • This item is 14k gold filled so you are free to wear it while doing activities, in the water and while sleeping and the metal will not change colour.
  • Although gold filled is a highly durable demi fine metal, do be gentle and take care of your gold filled pieces to keep the gold lustrous and new.
  • As this is a handmade item made to order, please allow up to 5 business days before shipment.
  • Due to the nature of handmade jewelry, each item is unique and will vary slightly from what is shown.You may experience a slight colour difference in the places we have soldered the metal together. This method requires extreme heat to ensure durability and sustainability in your piece.