Belle âme Pendant

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Material: 10k Solid Gold
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material: 10k solid gold or sterling silver. No plating.

pendant: 8X10mm belle âme pendant set with a cz stone. 

chain: 16in, 18in,20in rounded cable chain. Available in solid gold, gold filled, to sterling silver. 

texture: smooth

sizing: for more information on our chain lengths, see our size guide

belle âme by definition means "a beautiful soul". We chose this phrase because we believe it holds many different meanings. A beautiful soul means more than its words. It could be someone you love, a friend, a soulmate, someone you hold dear to your heart. It could be  a mother, a sister, a daughter or someone who has endured hardship and come through stronger than before. It could be a simple reminder to someone that they are valued.  belle âme applies to all of us. it is up to you how you want to share the meaning.  
  • This item is solid 10k gold so you are free to wear it while doing activities, in the water and while sleeping and the metal will not change colour.
  • Although gold filled is a highly durable demi fine metal, do be gentle and take care of your gold filled pieces to keep the gold lustrous and new.
  • As this is a handmade item made to order, please allow up to 5 business days before shipment.
  • Due to the nature of handmade jewelry, each item is unique and will vary slightly from what is shown.You may experience a slight colour difference in the places we have soldered the metal together. This method requires extreme heat to ensure durability and sustainability in your piece.


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